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Review on

“[Cronote] can be put both to personal and professional uses, and the idea is to let even those who’re really busy carry on with their lives without ever running the risk of making any kind of omission.”

Read the full review here on The writer asked a few questions about the features of Cronote. Here are the answers:

1. Can you schedule multiple reminders at the same time?

Yes! If you have multiple reminders scheduled for the same time (i.e. 5:00 pm), they are sent within seconds of one another.

2. To how many people can you have them delivered at once?

As many as you like. You can enter multiple phone numbers and email addresses. Cronote’s beta website also includes a feature to create custom Groups. This makes it even easier to schedule reminders for multiple people, especially if you intend to contact the same group more than once. is a user driven internet startups community. We thank them for the review.

Review on WWWhat’s New?

Do you read Spanish? Check out this very cool review of Cronote on WWWhat’s New?, a daily Spanish blog about new web applications. Excerpt (translated):

“Cronote has a button that website owners … can implement so that customers can subscribe to new developments. As expected, navigation of the Cronote website is secure.”

Click the link above for the full summary. Thank you, WWWhat’s New!

Review on

Check out a review of Cronote on Here’s an excerpt:

“Living in an online and digital world means that we are fed too many reminders, to-do lists and tasks, and when this overwhelms us, we choose to ignore it and move on. Reminders should be fun, visual, and friendly. Cronote is one kind of e-mail and SMS app that does just that.”

Read the full review by clicking the link above. Many thanks to, a booming daily blog that features cool websites, computer tips, and downloads that make you more productive!