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FAQ: International Version

Does Cronote work internationally? Is the iPhone app available outside of the US?

Right now, Cronote supports AT&T and Verizon carriers. Cronote has only been tested within the US, so we cannot yet confirm how well it works internationally. There are plans to expand to other carriers and networks worldwide.

The app is currently only available in the US App Store. We are working on releasing it in internationally once we can confirm the networks. Thanks for your patience!

Website Redesign

A lot of the structure for the main Cronote site came from Joshua Porter’s book, Designing for the Social Web. His work highlights the importance of a user’s initial experience. He points out that being able to try a service without a commitment assures potential users of the quality and reliably of the service. We agreed with this assessment, and added the ability to send an anonymous cronote right from our main site.

Of course, we’re concerned about robots (aka spam bots) scheduling cronotes. We’re taking measures to block spammers, as well as developing a “do not cronote” list for users who do not wish to receive anonymous cronotes (or cronotes at all).

FAQ: Timezone

How does Cronote work across different timezones?

Cronote uses the sender’s timezone.

Example: John sends a cronote to Sally and schedules it for 5:00 pm. John lives in California (PST), and Sally lives in New York (EST). This means that Sally is 3 hours ahead. Hence, Sally receives the cronote at 8:00 pm her time.