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Schedule Movie Reminders

Movie fans, this is for you! Cronote has a new feature that helps remember upcoming movie releases.

Cronote’s new movie reminder page – – lets individuals schedule free reminders about upcoming feature films. Each movie has an adjacent Remind button that visitors can use to remind themselves or their friends about the upcoming movie. The user may choose to send the movie reminder via email or text message. The default reminder time is the day the movie opens in theaters, but users may change this time to any date.

Example of Movie Reminders from the Cronote Website

The Cronote Movie Reminders page lists out upcoming movie release dates and provides an associated Remind button. The button lets you schedule an email or text message reminder for the day the movie opens in theaters.

Cronote also offers reminder pages for music (album releases) and health (health observance days).

Read the press release here.

The press release is also featured in the Issac Daniel Report, a new information portal spotlighting fresh technology and innovation from around the world.

Timely Advertising: 5 Tips for Using the Cronote Remind Button

Cronote Remind Button Widget

Advertising on the web can be time-consuming and costly. In the cut-throat world of Internet advertising, the information highway can easily wipe out efforts made in the launch of a new product, event, or service. Unless the advertisement is in the right place at the right time, the customer may forget it ever existed.

Cronote’s ‘Remind’ button is a new and effective way to advertise on the Internet. The Remind button integrates a time-based element for advertising via a text message reminder. Cronote is a web-based service that delivers 100-character messages at a specified time.

The Remind button works in a fashion much like a Facebook “Like” button. It can be placed on any website next to a product, event, or service. The Remind button is clickable and lets the website visitor schedule a reminder about the advertised item. The reminder could, for example, be delivered 24 hours before a product is available for purchase. Thus, at that moment in time, that very same website visitor is reminded of the existence of the product, even if it had slipped his mind despite his genuine interest in it.

Here are 5 tips on how to use the Cronote Remind button for advertising on a website:

  1. A new product that will be available in stores on a certain date
  2. Upcoming premiere of a new movie
  3. Upcoming exhibition at a museum or art venue
  4. A special menu that changes daily but is predetermined, like an “ice cream flavor of the day”
  5. An event or service that occurs annually, like a dental check-up

The Remind button puts the power on the customer to choose what he wants to remember. The targeted advertisement goes only to those who are truly interested, making it more cost-effective and less time-consuming.

Full article here.

Want to Learn About Cronote?

Twice each month, we work with VOCUS to publish a press release. Perhaps you have come across a few! Here are two informational pieces.

If you have any questions regarding Cronote, I encourage to contact us at To reach either of us directly, send an email to or aaron.abajian@cronote.

Cronote Hits 1,000 Users

I am happy to share that we have well over 1000 users participating in the beta phase! : ) Over the last 3 months, Aaron and I have been working to refine the system. You may have noticed a few changes here and there (i.e. the addition of the Movies, Music, and Health pages).

Earlier, we published a press release about the 1000+ users: Here. Feel free to read and/or share. Thank you for being a part of the 1000!

Knoxville Lifestyle Uses Remind Button

Featuring Knoxville Lifestyle™ (!

The Tennessee-based company is using the Cronote Remind Button as a part of a product launch — the 2012 Knoxville Lifestyle Book — available September 30th, 2011. We are excited and proud to have them join the Beta. Our service includes a summary report of the number of reminders scheduled and how customers use the Remind Button. Registration for the Beta is still open, and we welcome any inquiries.

Below, check out how Knoxville Lifestyle™ has incorporated the Remind Button onto their website!

Knoxville Lifestyle™ uses Cronote Remind Button for 2012 book

Cronote Remind Button Beta

Announcing the Cronote Remind Button Beta — a groundbreaking Internet advertising solution!

The Cronote Remind Button is aimed at turning website visitors into returning customers, using a simple user-driven, non-invasive strategy. Check out the press release for more info:

Or visit us directly:

Enrollment for the beta is available now.

Please send your questions/comments to us at We look forward to working with you and your website… to help your visitors remember your site when the time is right!