Remind your students about their homework with text message reminders

Ever wish there was an easy way to send your students a text message reminder about their homework? Don’t want to give out your number to students? Did you know that Cronote was made by a former high school chemistry teacher? Cronote supports improving education by helping students remember their assignments. This post will walk you through the steps to setup a text message reminder system for your students.

1. First, sign up for a free account at Tip: Be sure to check your spam folder if you can’t find our confirmation email in your inbox.

2. Sign into Cronote.

3. Add each student as a contact. Tip: If you want to send text message reminders to your students for free, try using email-to-SMS gateways:

4. Click on the “Groups” tab.

5. Create a group for each of your class periods.

6. Schedule homework reminders by filling out the Cronote form on the left side of the page, and select the group(s) as recipients.

Cronote will automatically send the reminder at the designated time to every member of the group. You can add or remove students from each group at any time. Reminders are sent using Cronote’s phone number so there is no need to give out your phone number to students.


A Great Way to Send Customer Reminders

Do you need a simple way to send reminders about your business? Cronote can be used as an email and SMS mailing list to increase customer retention. Simply sign up for a Cronote account on our website and add each customer as a contact in your account. You can create a group of customer contacts to send reminders to multiple recipients at a single time. Please note that Cronote has a no-spam policy, therefore you must ask each customer to opt-in to receive reminders.


A Great Way to Send Appointment Reminders to Your Patients

Do you need to send appointment reminders to your patients? Did you know that Cronote was made by a medical student and a public health student? This post explains how easy it is to use Cronote to send appointment reminders to your patients. There are are just five steps:

1. Sign up for a free Cronote account on our website:

2. Confirm your account by checking your email for a confirmation link (note you may have to check your Spam folder).

3. Sign into our website.

4. Add each of your patients to our system. Note that all transmissions to and from our website are secured using 128-bit encryption. Hint: You can use the Import Contacts –> CSV feature to add multiple patients at once.

5. Schedule a reminder to a patient simply by clicking on their name and filling out the reminder form on the left side of the screen.

The reminder will automatically be sent at the time you specify.


Sending Reminders to Groups of Employees at a Future Time

Do you need to send reminders to many employees at a future time? This post describes how to use the Cronote website to schedule reminders to a group of employees.

Here are the steps:

1. Simply sign up for a free Cronote account on our website:

2. Confirm your account by checking your email for a confirmation link (note you may have to check your Spam folder).

3. Sign into our website.

4. Add each of your contacts. Hint: You can use the Import Contacts –> CSV feature to add multiple contacts at once.

5. Once all your contacts have been imported, click on the “Groups” tab and create a group containing the contacts you want to remind.

6. Schedule a reminder to be sent to this group.

Cronote will send the reminder to all of the contacts in that group at the time you specify. You can add / remove contacts from this group as often as you like and Cronote will automatically update the reminder recipients.


Amusement Park Meetup Reminders

Are you traveling with your family to an amusement park? Need a good way to remind everyone where to meetup? Some Theme Parks are simply enormous (ahem Disneyland and Disneyworld)! This post describes how Cronote Reminders can be used to setup a meeting time for your family.

Cronote is unique in that it can automatically send SMS reminders at a specific time. It can even send scheduled SMS reminders to groups of contacts. To schedule a meetup time at a theme park simply:

1. Create a free account at the Cronote website:

2. Sign in and import contact information for your family members.

3. Use our Group builder to create a Group. That way, you can send messages to the Group, rather than selecting multiple individuals over and over again.

4. When you get to the theme park and are ready to setup a meeting time, open up our website on your smart phone, and schedule a reminder to be sent to this Group.

The text messages will automatically go out to everyone in the group at the time you specify. That way everybody receives a meetup reminder at the appropriate time.


Schedule Recurring Reminders

The highly anticipated “recurring reminders” feature has been added to the Cronote website. Users can now set up daily reminders with one click. The reminder will automatically be sent out at the same time, every day until the user opts to halt the reminders. Previously, daily reminders could only be achieved by individually scheduling a reminder for each given day. Recurring reminders work well for remembering medication schedules, chores, and sports practices.

Cronote reminders are scheduled through three easy steps:

  1. Select the recipient(s)
  2. Write the message
  3. Set the delivery time

Choose the repeat “Daily” box to schedule daily reminders. The same message will be sent out at the set delivery time, starting from the first date. Cronote reminders can be sent via text message or email. All reminders can be managed and tracked on the Cronote website.

The full press release can be found here:

Please let us know if you have any other suggestions or requests.

Heat Illness Prevention

Cronote reminders can be used toward Heat Illness Prevention.

According to the California Code of Regulations, when the temperature meets or exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit, employers must remind their employees throughout the workshift to drink plenty of water. The excerpt from Title 8, section 3395 Heat Illness Prevention is as follows:

(e) High-heat procedures. The employer shall implement high-heat procedures when the temperature equals or exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit. These procedures shall include the following to the extent practicable:

(1) Ensuring that effective communication by voice, observation, or electronic means is maintained so that employees at the work site can contact a supervisor when necessary. An electronic device, such as a cell phone or text messaging device, may be used for this purpose only if reception in the area is reliable.

(2) Observing employees for alertness and signs or symptoms of heat illness.

(3) Reminding employees throughout the work shift to drink plenty of water.

(4) Close supervision of a new employee by a supervisor or designee for the first 14 days of the employee’s employment by the employer, unless the employee indicates at the time of hire that he or she has been doing similar outdoor work for at least 10 of the past 30 days for 4 or more hours per day.


The Cronote platform provides a cost-effective mechanism for scheduling text message reminders for large groups. The reminders can contain any message, in any language (i.e. “Remember to drink water”). Each text message costs $0.05 and pre-scheduled to be sent out at a specific time in the future. Over the next two weeks, we are building recurring reminders to increase ease of use in scheduling daily reminders for prolonged periods.

For more information on Heat Illness Prevention, visit the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) website. The 2012 Heat Illness Prevention Training Materials are also posted on the website.

Cronote Joins the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute Summer Fellowship

Cronote is kicking off the summer with the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute!

Cronote was one of twelve teams selected to participate in this year’s Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) Summer Fellowship. The 10-week startup bootcamp kicked off on May 23, with a workshop on customer development and guest speaker Ka Mo Lau, the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of PaperG, an advertising and technology company recently named one of Forbes’ 100 Most Promising Companies in America.

The program provides Cronote a stipend and experienced mentors in the fields of technology and advertising. The bootcamp also provides multiple workshops designed to help each team build firm foundations for their businesses. Since the program’s inception in 2007, many teams have achieved long-term success, including YouRenew, a buyback and resell electronics company.

Read the full press release here:

For a brief bio on all twelve teams, visit the YEI website here:

Writing iPhone Apps using Java

[Update 7/27/16: The Cronote Reminders iPhone app is no longer available but may return in the future.]

The Cronote Reminders iPhone App was released ahead of schedule last Friday (a post about this is forthcoming). The app itself differs from conventional iPhone app development in that 98% of the code is Java. We used the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) in conjunction with the PhoneGap library to develop the app. GWT compiles Java source code into highly efficient and compact JavaScript webapps, while PhoneGap wraps the generated webapp into a deployable form in Xcode. Our model has been discussed at length on other sites such as:

Some would ask why such a model is necessary. The simple – and powerful – answer is that we use the same Java POJOs for our REST API, our reminder-timing program, our website and our iPhone app. The website and iPhone app share the same code that calls the REST API.

Digital LA

Last Monday (3/5/12), Cronote was proud to have a booth at the Digital LA – RealTech Startup Showcase. The theme of the event was “entertainment” and featured presentations by Start Engine’s Howard Marks (co-founder of Activision), Verifico, Skuloop, MoPix, NightAway, and Where My Dogs At. The other startups with booths were: Outlisten, Hypemarks, Skedgy and Starbates. Here are a few photos from the event.

We had a great time preparing our booth, from ordering the Cronote tote bags to designing the banner. This being our first event, we were excited for the opportunity to showcase the Remind button. We met a lot of great people from LA’s rich entertainment industry and spoke with impressive entrepreneurs. We extend a thank you to Kevin Winston (Digital LA, @DigitalLA) for hosting the event.

If you’re interested in the RealTech Startup Showcase series, their next event is April 3. The theme is green / social good for pre-Earth Day. Register at