Sending Reminders to Groups of Employees at a Future Time

Do you need to send reminders to many employees at a future time? This post describes how to use the Cronote website to schedule reminders to a group of employees.

Here are the steps:

1. Simply sign up for a free Cronote account on our website:

2. Confirm your account by checking your email for a confirmation link (note you may have to check your Spam folder).

3. Sign into our website.

4. Add each of your contacts. Hint: You can use the Import Contacts –> CSV feature to add multiple contacts at once.

5. Once all your contacts have been imported, click on the “Groups” tab and create a group containing the contacts you want to remind.

6. Schedule a reminder to be sent to this group.

Cronote will send the reminder to all of the contacts in that group at the time you specify. You can add / remove contacts from this group as often as you like and Cronote will automatically update the reminder recipients.


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