A Great Way to Send Appointment Reminders to Your Patients

Do you need to send appointment reminders to your patients? Did you know that Cronote was made by a medical student and a public health student? This post explains how easy it is to use Cronote to send appointment reminders to your patients. There are are just five steps:

1. Sign up for a free Cronote account on our website: www.cronote.com

2. Confirm your account by checking your email for a confirmation link (note you may have to check your Spam folder).

3. Sign into our website.

4. Add each of your patients to our system. Note that all transmissions to and from our website are secured using 128-bit encryption. Hint: You can use the Import Contacts –> CSV feature to add multiple patients at once.

5. Schedule a reminder to a patient simply by clicking on their name and filling out the reminder form on the left side of the screen.

The reminder will automatically be sent at the time you specify.


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