New Website, New System

We are proud to present the new Cronote website!

Effective today, we are switching to a brand-new system and a brand-new website ( You told us that you wanted the ability to send Cronotes to anyone, regardless of phone carrier and registration. Now you can!

The new system will allow you to:

  1. Send messages to ANY cell phone number on ANY carrier.
    If you know the number, you can schedule the reminder.
  2. Choose the delivery method: SMS, email or both.
  3. Create a Cronote “Remind Button” to advertise your website.
    (Learn more:
  4. Track and delete Cronotes.
  5. Step up recurrences (available in November).

We’ve also rewritten the timing logic to make Cronotes arrive precisely on schedule.

Your Current Cronotes

All scheduled Cronotes will still go out. However, they will NOT show up in the Cronotes list when you log into the new website.

SMS Pricing Model

In order to make these improvements, we’re transitioning to a paid-SMS system (email reminders remain FREE). By opening the system up to all cell phone carriers, we incur a cost for every SMS sent.

As a thank you to our initial users, you will automatically receive 50 free SMS Cronotes! Log in at to use them! These Cronotes are available exclusively on the website.

To purchase more SMS Cronotes, you can deposit funds into your account ($0.05 each). If you want to avoid the cost but still use SMS, here’s a trick to keep them free:

Cronote iPhone App

The Cronote iPhone app does not yet reflect these changes. The app has been temporarily removed from the App Store and will return in December after it has been renovated. If you already have it installed on your phone, it will continue to function as before.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Both have been slightly updated to include the new system and Cronote Remind Button services. Please feel free to access them on the website.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. We hope you enjoy the new Cronote website!

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