Webpage Redesign

Over this past week, we unveiled some exciting, new features on the Cronote website!

1. Incoming Cronotes

When you log in, you can see a list of your incoming cronotes. These are messages that have been scheduled for you and the time and date they will arrive.

2. Outgoing Cronotes

You can also see outgoing cronotes — ones that you have scheduled for yourself or others! In the future, we’ll add in more features that allow you to manage and edit cronotes.

3. Contacts

The third tab is where you can add and remove contacts. (Instructions.)

4. Groups

Here you can create groups to send out mass cronotes easily. (Instructions.)

5. Profile

Need to update your contact info? Here you can edit your name, phone number, carrier, or password. Note that your email address (shown in gray) cannot be edited.

Of course, you can schedule cronotes on the left-hand side in the purple box. We hope you enjoy these updates! We’ll be translating these features to the iPhone app next.

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